Ana B Castano

Ana B Castano

About the Book

Remind Yourself Never to Settle for Less by Reading This Book!

The book is a solid reminder for any man or woman that you should not settle for less! You deserve the world; first, you ought to love yourself, set your standards and let the forces of the Universe do their job.

Trust the process; for what is destined for you will reach you.

Dating My Pussy and Finding the Perfect Dick’s Journey Toward Self-Exploration

There is not a lot of material you read that can make you go ‘Oh damn! That’s relatable!’

Well, haven’t I arrived at the right time?

The book is an expression of real-life experiences. I believe the Universe has it all written for us – what happens to us is always in sync with what we need, but we could all use a little reassurance sometimes.

I’ve dated many types of men, but I have no regrets. I believe all of them have taught me something, and with every breakup, I’ve taken a lesson or two into my next relationship. After all, isn’t that how we all improve?

Self-exploration has a strong relationship with travel. Travel solo, travel in groups; however way you like it. But travel.

When you travel, you begin to see there’s a world far wider than our perspective. There’s so much to learn from, so much fresh air to inhale, so many different experiences which play a great role in strengthening our bond with ourselves. Great food, a healthy lifestyle, and me-time are a great way to look after yourself. Remember: no one can give you the learning you need, it is life’s own lesson to learn that we can only be happy if we are content with ourselves. Feel free to choose your route.

About Writer

Over the years, I’ve extracted pieces of learning from all that I’ve endured. There have been certain circumstances where I’ve learned from the next generation: my children.

My son committed suicide at the age of 22. I found out when his girlfriend at the time called me and told me, ‘He’s not breathing.’ From that second to this day and the many days that will turn into months, I have never blamed him for what he did. I understood him – that’s all he really needed.

I respected my son’s decision, but that does not expel me from yearning for my son’s loss, missing him on Christmas, birthdays, and simply every day with every breath I exhale. It never occurred to me to question his choice or judge him for what he did. Children simply want to be understood, and I, for one, understood my son’s choice. I respect it and always will.

My children have taught me what unconditional love is; they helped me come to terms with my own trauma. I happened to talk to the elder son of mine about the abuse my mother projected on me when I was a child. As a young teen, it’s difficult to comprehend why a parent would abuse you, be it in any form. It makes you internalize the abuse and question yourself and maybe project that hate back onto people, especially the generation you raise as a parent.

My son’s response was:

“Mom, if my grandma did that to you, could you believe what was done to her by her parents?”

It was at that moment that it occurred to me; my son’s heart was so full of compassion that it extended relief toward his mother for his grandmother.

Compassion is contagious. I believe so; trusting the good in people is the way to go, and that’s something I have strong faith in.

Beyond her personal growth, Ana Castano is also a private pilot by hobby. 

What’s Your Take?

Dating My Pussy and Finding The Perfect Dick’s focus submerges on exploring your spirituality. The book is a homage to your mind and body’s wants complimenting each other in unison, something human beings will always be defining.

The book is an honest, raw journal of a woman’s path to learning more about herself.