Ana B Castano

Ana B Castano

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That may be possible, depending on whom you’re referring to. When I had difficulty acknowledging and accepting the trauma I underwent, which was projected on me by my mother, my son helped me see the situation from a different perspective.

My son told me, ‘Mom, if my grandma did that to you, could you believe what was done to her by her parents?’

This was my son’s response. I was impressed – so much compassion and intelligence from a young child.

This depends on how willing you are to unlearn old patterns and learn new, healthier ones.

After my conversation with my son, I can say I healed about 99% that day.

I believe it does. My son’s compassion toward his grandmother made me understand and view my mother as an individual rather than a parent. I thanked my son for that day – and I know I will never forget that conversation I had with him.

Visiting new places is, for me, a hobby. I find it fun to have a map point to new places I’m unaware of. I love taking pictures in new places and adapting to a new, timely, healthy lifestyle.

I have always understood the importance of a healthy lifestyle because I account for it in the self-care category. Food and a decent lifestyle are vital to maintaining a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

I’m a solid believer that you will find inner peace in things that make you feel good about yourself and that something that works out for me may not work for you, or vice versa.

If you like to exercise, you go, friend! I’ve tried yoga and pilates, it resonates a lot with me. So, I am now aware of what I like to do, and I choose to do it. It can be different for everyone. You simply have to try new things and see which one fits well with you.

 I like meditation. It’s helped me be a better mom to my children; it’s made me more aware and present in the present moment. Meditation has helped me be myself and accept myself for who I am – I feel complete within myself, love myself more, and express myself by writing.

Practice self-care. Self-care is simply another word for self-love. When you feel complete within yourself, wholesome with your personality, and at complete ease with your person, you will begin to notice your power travel back to you. Have faith in yourself and connect with your higher self.

You always have your power; when you don’t realize that, you think someone else has it. When you connect with yourself through self-love and self-care practices, you begin to see matters more clearly, the fog lifts, and you find yourself more in control of your life. That’s how your power travels back to you. What is yours can never leave you; as humans, our vision gets tainted, but nothing can take it away from you, regardless.

As a child, my mother abused me physically and mentally. The abuse continued with my ex-husband, whom I divorced later. However, I don’t see myself as a victim. I believe my experiences made me grow some thick skin; it made me the person I am today; I always saw comfort in nature and allowed myself moments in solitude to understand that I wasn’t wrong here but rather other people who denied the rightful compassion along with themselves.

 I always see the good in people; it’s pretty naive of me, but I love being like that, and just like the movies, love always wins; that’s why I want to be a figure of ‘love and inspiration.’

Look at people with compassion rather than logic; when you’re tired, take a break; get up and look at people with compassion again.

Sometimes, human beings don’t require logic but rather need compassion.