Ana B Castano

Ana B Castano

It’s Time to Curl Up and Dig into Knowing What You Want!

Dating My Pussy and Finding the Perfect Dick is a journey that first dips into knowing yourself, slowly learning what you like and what you don’t, and then embarking on a journey of finding yourself a partner who can adapt to your wants.

Remember: You should never need a partner but rather want one.

Your partner cannot give you the love you have missed out on; thus, it is essential that you love yourself as an independent individual first before being open to accepting love from someone else.


Ana B Castano

A new Colombian-American author – Ana B Castano attempts to make a mark in the world of writing by emulating the wants of individuals with what they need in order to be satisfied, first with themselves.

Ana’s family is her backbone, she loves her children with all her might, and is passionate about spreading how important self-love and self-care is.

About the Book

Dating My Pussy and Finding the Perfect Dick is a culmination of exploring yourself first, prioritizing what you want, digging more into how you want to expand the horizons of your life and then embarking on a journey of not settling for less in any regard.

The book is a prophecy for those who know what they want and who are not shy to unleash all limits of self-exploration. When you gain experience, you not only figure out what you want, but also what you don’t want.

Avoiding the Void In Relationships

We’ve all faced points in our lives, whether as children or adults, where we may have felt left out or abandoned. When we grow up and begin to enter relationships, we attempt to fulfill that void with what our partner can give us – but that’s where a critical dissonance happens; a disconnect of your mind with your body.

Only you can fulfill the void that is in your life because it is through that that you can completely immerse in self-love, which will ultimately lead to you realizing that you don’t want to settle for less.

Don’t change yourself for someone; you are your greatest hero, and someone who loves you truly will learn to respect that.


In a relatively short period of time; my book has changed lives for the better:

Table of Content

Begin Your Journey of Self-Reflection Today

Dating My Pussy and Finding the Perfect Dick is a great route to jump on if you’re looking for a healthy, raw, and genuine outlook. The book encompasses my experiences with different men on different dates, how my relationships progressed, and what I learned from them.

The focus is not just on the type of men women meet; it expands to more than this. It further helps readers understand how their pasts affect their present. The book is not an exclusive guide for one gender; it includes an expansive understanding of self-reflection for all genders.

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