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What Are Green Flags?

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What Are Green Flags?

Relationships are based on how two people treat each other, handle conflict and disagreement, tackle problems, and if they consider their partner an equal.

Many conversations around us revolve around red flags and how to spot them. It is important to know that relationships don’t just have red flags but also green flags.

Green flags in relationships are motivating; they establish healthy boundaries, mutual respect, and an understanding that two people in a relationship don’t have to practice co-dependency. They can still appreciate their partner while creating a life for themselves.

Let’s have a look at some green flags in relationships that promote comfort and security.

Green Flags in A Relationship

According to therapist aid, relationship green flags are qualities of a healthy relationship. Therapistaid discusses some of these green flags:

  1. Efficient Communication

Two communicative partners essentially reduce space for assumptions and insecurity to broil within. With effective communication, you provide your partner with what you’re looking for in the relationship and what is a deal-breaker for you. This also helps promote the concept of boundaries, all while ensuring respect is intact. When in conflict, efficient communication instead of the blame game is a sign of mutual respect.

  1. Valuing Your Partner

Showing appreciation toward your partner is an efficient method to ensure your partner knows your intentions and is aware of the value they hold in your life. Expressing gratitude promotes positivity and affection.

  1. Freedom

A lack of co-dependency is a good sign. Embracing your independence in a relationship is a green flag because then you and your partner know that you don’t have to walk the same line. The two of you can still love each other and hold significant importance, all while ensuring that your journey is not compromised. For a healthy relationship, it is important to have needs that can be fulfilled by you or the people in your life beyond your relationship.

  1. Honesty

Insider notes a 2013 study that discovered trust to be a significant factor when evaluating how satisfying a marriage is. Individuals who trusted their partner had higher chances of experiencing satisfaction.

  1. Safety

As per Insider, if you feel safe sharing information with your partner or vice versa, you can breathe a sigh of relief because that means it’s a green flag.

Heather Browne, a licensed marriage and family therapist notes the feeling of being safe when sharing stuff with your partner makes you feel important and that your partner cares for you. This also means you see them as an encourager.


Relationships are always a two-way street. To promote more green flags in your relationship, it is essential for you and your partner to feel whole and secure within themselves. When self-esteem is adequate, and both individuals feel independent within themselves, chances are the relationship will automatically progress toward a healthier path.

When you have your life to focus on, with coherent goals and ambitions, you respect your partner for having a life of their own. This means the two of you are not spending all your time with each other. Once that happens, the self-identity line begins to blur, and co-dependency picks a seat. You’re a green flag as long as you never let go of your personality. Go check out if your partner is one, too, or not!

Rest more and do less. In time, you will learn that by doing less and resting more, inspiration will come to you. This means you’ll develop a better understanding of the people you want in your life, hence, getting better at noting and evaluating green flags.


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